SCORRETM is the only training of its kind to go deeper than just overcoming fear and worn out delivery techniques. With our unique, proven SCORRETM system, we drill down to the foundation of your speaking - your preparation. You will learn to prepare powerfully focused, crystal clear talks and then deliver them with confidence and power.


  • Become a focused, effective and confident communicator
  • Discover how to find and effectively use powerful illustrations
  • Learn from professionals who have built their careers based on the principles of SCORRE
  • Inspire your audience to action
  • Maximize your prep time
  • Network & collaborate with other professionals

Personal Attention

  • You will prepare and deliver one speech each day.
  • This will be followed by one-on-one assistance and coaching from our expert trainers.
  • The process will be videotaped, allowing you to also personally evaluate your work.
  • The improvement will be obvious!

What You Will Learn

  • SCORRETM - a preparation technique designed for you to hit a home run every time.
  • The secrets of effective eye contact and meaningful gestures.
  • How to find, capture and develop powerful illustrations.
  • Take your writing to the next level by understanding how to effectively integrate SCORRETM with the uniqueness of the writing process.
  • Prepare effective presentations for every possible situation, from the elevator to the boardroom to the convention keynote address.
Lysa TerKeurst

"The SCORRETM Conference is an invaluable tool for any communicator, whether they are a national speaker, business professional or in a ministry. The SCORRETM Conference has had a dramatic impact on my speaking and I left a more effective and powerful communicator"

New York Times best-selling author and speaker